Clubs in Quarantine


Max Eaton, Community Liason

Joining clubs is a great way to destress and have enjoyable projects to focus on besides academics. Fairview offers a wide variety of clubs, but unfortunately due to quarantine, it might be harder to decide which club seems interesting. Without the regular in-person club fair, clubs individually made videos explaining their clubs for a “virtual club fair.” Here is a quick compilation of what some of the clubs plan to do during quarantine:


Discover Medicine: A club where those interested in the medical field get to listen to guest speakers with backgrounds of various fields of medicine talk about their profession and experiences. “In addition to doctors and physicians who come and present, we also have engineers and medical researchers talk about what their company is currently working on and what possible pathways in medicine you could go if you’re interested,” said April Tong, one of the club’s presidents. They meet twice a month on Mondays at 2:00 PM.


GSA: A club where LGBTQ+ members and allies discuss LGBTQ+ issues in the community. “Our club will be focused on getting to know the rest of the LGBTQ+ members (and allies) of our school and community. We will be playing games and getting ready to celebrate the Boulder Pride festival that happens every September!” said Courtney Nicholson-Paine, the club’s president. They meet on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM via Google Meets. 


Funding Our Future: A club where students meet to promote adequate and equitable education funding in Colorado. “There is vast inequality in Colorado public schools. Many of the things that we at Fairview take for granted, like textbooks, chromebooks in class, and equipment for science labs, are simply unavailable to many students in districts across the state,” said Whitney Toutenhoofd, the club’s president. “In Funding Our Future, we tackle these real world issues by campaigning for legislation, writing letters to the editors, outdoor canvassing, testifying in court, and lobbying at the capitol. Especially with COVID, we have a ton of work to do this year.” They meet on Fridays from 4:30 to 5:00 PM. 


Red Cross: A club great for volunteering, even during these times. “Red Cross Club is meeting on Google Meet to organize volunteer events, fundraisers, and other ways to give back to our community in a safe way. Currently we are working on a project to thank healthcare workers,” said Meghan Barnes, one of the club’s presidents. They meet every other Tuesday at 4:00 PM.


Women’s Empowerment: A club to discuss topics regarding feminism. “Women’s Empowerment Club will be meeting on Discord to talk about volunteering opportunities, learn about women’s history, discuss current events relating to feminism and women’s empowerment, and more. We are trying to organize something with the Boulder League of Women Voters so stay tuned for that!” said Meghan Barnes, one of the club’s presidents. They meet every other Wednesday at 2:00 PM.


Sources of Strength: A club where you can participate in making Fairview a more inclusive and supportive environment such as by preventing bullying, substance abuse, and suicide. “This year will definitely be different than those past because of Covid-19. Due to this new virtual environment, we will also be looking forward to the new ways that SOS can support others, we want to hear your ideas!!” said Roxanne Manthy, the club’s president. “This year’s Goals are: To promote a healthy environment even with online learning and to help Fairview students through challenges they may face from Covid-19.”


Science Bowl: A club to participate in a competition that tests your knowledge on a wide range of science disciplines. “Science Bowl is also where you can strengthen your understanding of all the facets of the natural world and the phenomena that fill it. Our goal is to cultivate understanding about all different areas of science and to delve deep into these subjects. We strive not only for knowledge; we strive for growth,” said Jake Shin, one of the club’s presidents. They meet every Monday and Friday from 4:00 to 5:00 PM.


Youth in Government: A club that replicates the state government that gives an opportunity to learn more about government. “A near duplicate of the state government, this club is able to give people a hands-on simulation of how government works with student-elected officials, committees, bill books, and more. While at YIG, students get to choose among a large array of roles, such as representative, senator, justice, lobbyist, and journalist. Students also get to write and debate their own bills on a topic of their choice,” said Jake Shin, the club’s president. They meet every other Tuesday from 4:00 to 4:30 PM.


Physics Club: A club to participate in discussions and projects about physics to expand their knowledge on the subject. “We spend a lot of time just discussing interesting and recent things in physics, but we also have a few major projects within the club, such as the CERN Beamline for Schools project with an opportunity to win the ability to go perform an experiment at the largest nuclear research organization in the world, and the Fnet=ma which gives students the opportunity to test their knowledge of algebra-based Newtonian mechanics and move on to higher levels of competition in that area of physics,” said Mark Reamon, the club’s president. They meet Wednesdays at 2:00 to 3:00 PM. 


Fairview Robotics: A club full of students passionate about robotics and STEM, providing the resources to develop mechanical, electrical, and programming skills hands on. “The Fairview Robotics team is currently planning on meeting through discord to create model rockets this fall. We have the resources to design them through Computer Aided Design(CAD) software, and a few members have 3d-printers to create some of the parts. We are also training new members through small labs and lectures,” said Rawley Harrison, the club’s president. “Normally, in the spring, we would participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition and the Colorado Regional, which occurs in March. This year, FIRST, the non-profit that runs the competition, has moved its events further into the spring and we will (hopefully) be participating in that.” They meet on Thursdays from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. 

In addition to many more clubs, there are also societies, such as NHS or Mu Alpha Theta, that look for exceptional students. Make sure to check out Fairview’s website that lists all the clubs and contain the videos they made.