Club Spotlight: Hand in Hand


Kristen Sheng and Ella Williams, the founders of Hand in Hand

Julia Frank, Editor in Chief

This year, we have all been separated, and creating new connections and groups to share our interests in hasn’t been easy. Even though it has become difficult to be active in the Fairview community, some students have found new ways to connect within clubs. Fairview has tons of clubs, whether you are interested in robotics, or even badminton! 


Fairview Juniors Ella Williams and Kristen Sheng created Hand in Hand Club this fall. 


“We wanted to make a club that provided easy ways for Fairview students to help their communities,” said Kristen Sheng. 


The club has already started to make a huge impact in the Boulder community and beyond. 


Sheng said, “In our club, we educate about different issues around us and take action to help benefit our community. So far, we’ve partnered with Harvest of Hope for a food drive where we were able to raise over 750 pounds of food. We also did a sleepout for youth homelesness with Attention Homes where we raised over 2000 dollars.”


Hand in Hand helps students work together to create change, and also allows club members to help lead and add ideas to meetings. 


“We do group volunteering, so we are able to collaborate with each other while helping others. We allow club members to give ideas of charities and organizations we can partner with, so everyone has an opportunity to help with issues that they are passionate about.” said Sheng. 


This club has not run without its challenges this year. The two club leaders have had  to advertise and run their club entirely remotely since the fall. 


“Being online has made it difficult to get students from other grade levels to join. We want to network outside of just Juniors,” said Sheng.


Although they have had their challenges, Sheng and Williams have big plans for the future of the club. 


Sheng said, “Next year, we hope to find different projects so that we can benefit as many people as possible, but there are definitely projects and fundraisers we hope to do again. We also hope that we can get more underclassmen to join!” 

If you are interested in joining Hand in Hand club, or just want to know more, you can contact Kristen Sheng at [email protected], or Ella Williams at [email protected]. The club meets every Tuesday night from 8:00-8:30 pm.