Spotlight: Annessa Buggy


Kristen Sheng, Outreach Director

Junior Annessa Buggy, a member of Age of Guinevere and Enchantment, has been in theatre since the second grade. She is currently a part of Reel Kids, a theatre company in Superior.


“[Theatre] gives me a place to have a completely different life. I study the characters I play and figure out what’s the best way I can play them and portray their personalities and emotions to the fullest,” said Buggy.


Some of her favorite shows that she has been a part of are “The Lion King,” “High School Musical,” and “Rent.” While in theatre, she has had the opportunity to meet many people outside of school. 


Buggy said, “I think my favorite part of theatre is probably the community. In every show I’ve been in, I’ve created a family-like bond with all the members of the cast. Everyone creates these close bonds despite all of our differences and it’s such an amazing experience getting to meet so many new people that are interested in similar things as me.”


Having an inclusive community creates an enjoyable environment, even with significant changes due to COVID. 


“We have to wear masks at all rehearsals and we have to try our very best to stay six feet apart and avoid contact with each other. […] Acting is all about the interactions with the other actors and the emotions expressed across our faces, but because of COVID, we aren’t always able to have those close interactions with one another and the masks keep us from seeing the action on people’s faces,” said Buggy.


Despite these challenges, Annessa is still continuing to do what she loves: performing. 


Buggy said, “Theatre isn’t always as weird as it’s thought out to be! If you’re interested in trying it out you really should and don’t be afraid of what other people might say. It takes a lot of courage and hard work to do theatre and I promise the people aren’t as weird as stereotypes make them out to be!”