“In education, I hope to help you realize that brighter future”: New teacher Theodore “TJ” Strasser inspires students

Ethan Berg, Staff Reporter

Theodore “TJ” Strasser is one of the newest additions to Fairview’s faculty, joining at the beginning of the school year this year. He is taking over sections of Life Management and Teen Choices. Before Fairview, he taught at Rodger Quist Middle School in Thornton, and Broomfield Heights Middle School in Broomfield.

“I am excited to bring my lived experiences and passions for learning and wellbeing to the students and families of Fairview,” Strasser said.  

Strasser is described by one student, sophomore Mandy Gu, as “one of the chillest, coolest teachers that I have”. Another sophomore, Leona Lam, said, “I have nothing to really dislike about him. [I like] how nice and open and friendly he is. It’s really welcoming.” 

Strasser was born in Broomfield, and attended BVSD schools himself as a child. While in school, he says, “I was a huge history fan as far back as I can remember. I also really enjoyed reading the novels and stories in ELA even if I didn’t always like to write the essays.” 

He went to CU for both an undergraduate in history and a masters in education. After graduating, he worked in the hospitality industry, but “[teaching] lingered at the back of my mind as I worked. I loved the ‘teaching and educating people’ part of sales, as much as I hated being a pushy sales guy. I have loved most every moment of teaching.

In his free time, Strasser really enjoys movies with friends, gardening, camping, winning baking contests, and working out. He also loves to tinker on his ‘69 VW Bug. He also collects teaching certificates, and currently sits at three: Social Studies, English Language Arts, and Family and Consumer Sciences, and is presently working on adding ones in PE, and Career Technical Education. 

Strasser is a very passionate teacher, and a welcome addition to the Fairview faculty. 

“I like working with young people. You generally see the world in a way that is full of possibilities and optimism for the future. In education, I hope to help you realize that brighter future. You can’t lose that spark, and unfortunately many adults have managed to misplace it.” said Strasser.