Monthly Club Spotlight: PAWS


Ava Svolos, Co Editor-in-Chief

Just this year, Lila Rubin and Bridger Bauman, both seniors, started a club named PAWS because of their shared passion for animals and the Humane Society’s desperate need for support.


“I noticed that Fairview didn’t really have an animal themed club or really anything that dedicates its entire mission to helping animals,” said Rubin. “This way we get to do what we really want to do and we get to be in control of it.”


PAWS stands for Providing Animals With Support. Bauman came up with the acronym last year, and they decided it was very fitting to the whole message of the club. Their goal is to raise money for the humane society so that they can do their job more effectively.


According to the Boulder Humane Society’s website, they are a private, nonprofit organization that only relies on donations to fund their services. It also states that the mission of the organization is to “protect and enhance the lives of companion animals by promoting healthy relationships between pets and people.”


This motto represents exactly what the club supports.


“There are dogs who have been neglected, so they have really major behavioral problems, and people don’t want to adopt them, and I just want to do something to help,” said Rubin. “When you fundraise for the Humane Society, they have more funds to get better trainers, and get better behavioral specialists to help those dogs become better dogs.”


Daniel McCarthy, a social studies teacher, sponsors the club and is passionate about the topic. He owns two dogs and a cat himself, and also has known Rubin and Bauman from previous years, so he was happy to support them.


“I’m really actually kind of a big proponent of shelters, you know,” said McCarthy. “I’ve always gotten my animals through shelters, and I think it’s just really important to support that and give animals good homes.”


Rubin and Bauman also believe that the changes in the mindset of some Coloradans affects the number of animals that are getting adopted.


“Colorado’s almost turned into a California attitude, so more people are purchasing dogs that are like bred specifically like pomeranians, and lap dogs, and stuff like that and kind of neglecting the dogs that are already born and need homes,” said Bauman. “That’s why we wanted to support them, because the humane society can’t help fund for all of these animals.”


To support this cause, the club plans on doing a hot chocolate fundraiser, as well as going on monthly shopping trips to purchase supplies for the animals in need at the Humane Society. This includes blankets, toys, food, and treats. In addition, they want to volunteer at the humane society regularly, and are currently in contact with them to plan how to do that effectively.


The club meets every other Wednesday in room 660. It is low commitment, meaning that it is fine if you don’t make it to every meeting, as they appreciate any support for this significant cause.