An Inside Look at the Club Scene at Fairview

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An Inside Look at the Club Scene at Fairview

Charlie Wenig, Staff Reporter

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Clubs seem to be the root of many social relationships within the school, but what makes a good club? Students at Fairview share why they channel their passions into school clubs.


Spirit club is a new addition to the Fairview halls this year and co-founder of the club, junior Olivia Davis, is not hesitant to spread the word about embracing being a Knight.


“I felt like the spirit of being a Knight and participating [in school events] was slowly decreasing,” said Davis. “I want to see so many people at games and know that they are truly excited to be a Knight.”


Davis shares her passion through starting her own club, but for the masses, joining already existing clubs seems to be the path students take.


“I enjoy being in clubs with my friends and doing extracurriculars through Fairview because I can learn more about important life skills that aren’t necessarily taught within a school classroom,” said junior Sophie Reeves who is involved in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and Spirit Club.


When freshmen are thrown into the spinning world of high school life, making friends and social circles can be difficult. However, becoming involved in clubs seems to be a quick way to make friends and build relationships.


Joining clubs is such a big part of the community because “lots of people are in clubs and it is a good may to meet people, especially for underclassmen,” Reeves said.


Knight Crew is one of the few clubs at Fairview that has grown into a large organization. Incoming juniors teach incoming freshman about high school skills in a once a week class to prepare them for leading Knight Crew classes.


Becky Roetto, the head of Knight Crew, as well as biology and yoga teacher, said “we try to recruit kids from all the different social groups at the school.” She adds that our “team tries to recruit students they know span the different ethnicities, sports and music groups.”


Leadership opportunity is one of the main attractions to Knight Crew and is what keeps the club running and successful.


Clubs at Fairview bring students together, encourage school participation, and create a welcoming and inclusive environment.


It’s really just about everyone bleeding red and white together,” said Davis.