One Reporter’s Journey in NYC


Savana Sheldon, Staff Reporter

Over the 4-day President’s weekend I had the chance to visit New York City with my family. We left on Thursday, flying from Denver to New York City and returning on Monday. The flight was three hours long. During this time, I played on my iPod and watched the little TV on the back of the seat in front of me. I watched kid movies.   


While in New York we stayed at the Trump Tower Hotel. I stayed at the hotel for four nights. It was a tall building and the hotel had a pool, a gym, a SPA, and the hotel room we had was huge. We ate most of our meals at the hotel. There were several restaurant choices serving burgers, fries, noodles, vegetables, and drinks.

We visited the Statue of Liberty located on Liberty Island. We went on a small ferry to go visit the Statue of Liberty. During the ride, we ate snacks and I listened to music on my iPod. I went inside the Statue of Liberty; the stairs to the top were twisted and swirly. I got tired on the way up but never gave up. Once, I got to the top, I was looking out a window through the crown. While I looked out the window I saw the whole city; it looked huge.


In New York City, I went to see the Empire State Building. My family and I took an elevator to get all the way up. We saw the view of the whole city, it was so incredible. I took photos with my cell phone in the sunlight. They looked so amazing. While we took the elevator, there was a video about the viewing deck and how the Empire State Building was built.


I went to visit the Plaza Hotel in New York City and it was huge. Inside it had a big lobby, an ice cream parlor, and a lot of hotel rooms. Inside the big hotel it was magnificent and beautiful. It kind of looked like the Trump Tower but it was bigger. When I go back to New York, I would like to stay in the Plaza Hotel next time because I like big hotels.


I went into a Christmas store downtown and it was so beautiful and shiny. What I saw inside was Christmas trees and decorations. There were angels, streamers, disney character ornaments, Santa statues, and Christmas lights. I took photos of everything around the store. I heard Christmas music while I was inside the store. The Christmas song I heard was Winter Wonderland which is one of my favorites.


On my trip home we got in a black taxi and the driver drove us to the airport. We had some snacks before we got on our plane. During our flight, I watched movies and listened to music. I also watched the view from up high and it was so amazing. When the plane landed, we went to get our bags and headed home.