Motivational Mondays with Anya Week #10


Anya Aidun, Entertainment Section Editor

Welcome back to Motivational Mondays with Anya! I’m switching it up a little bit this week. I don’t have a video for you, just my own struggles and personal experience.

This year has been one of the toughest and most competitive for the college selection process. Whether you applied to 8 schools or 18, it was a difficult year for everyone. I was deferred and then rejected from my top school and rejected from many more schools.

I usually think of myself as having some sort of draw to college admissions agents based off of my GPA, leadership positions, essays, and letters of recommendation. Just who I am in my community and to other people. However, I have since come to realize that the admissions game is one that few win, and every year thousands of qualified and engaged candidates get rejected. Legacy, donations, and just plain luck of the draw all play into who gets in and who doesn’t.

I have not lost faith in myself, just in the system. For all of you entering this process, have gone through this process, or are just starting to think of your futures it’s all for the best. Whatever happens, whether your dreams come true or your perspective of your future takes a turn, you will be better for it. Sometimes life is difficult, but please remember that it all happens for a reason to shape you into the person you are supposed to become. All my love to all of you all always. Please feel free to comment with questions, comments, or your own story.