Freshman year to Sophomore year is a difficult transition


Colin Duncan

At our High School, Sophomores believe that transitioning from Freshman year to Sophomore year is made stressful because of the workload, strictness of teachers, classes that are too difficult, and overall new environment.

One of the many reasons why high schoolers are constantly stressed is the huge workload in today’s school system. Tests, quizzes, homework, classwork, labs, readings, analysis, you name it—it probably contributes to the constant stress of high school students.

Then, on top of this, tenth graders are coming right off of the somewhat smooth ride that is Freshman year. When asked how their workload for this year compares to last, Sophomore Arnav Jain stated, “I think that in Freshman year, the teachers go a lot easier on you because they know you’re still trying to get used to high school,” said Arnav Jain, sophomore.

But, the moment you graduate to tenth grade it’s fair game for all the tests and summative projects in the world. And it seems the teachers get stricter.

When 7 sophomores were asked if they think their teachers are more or less strict this year, 6 students answered with an immediate “yes”. “Late assignments, test redos, phones, tardies, that sort of thing,” said Drake Barsky, sophomore. “I appreciate that our teachers Freshman year tried to make the transition into high school as smooth as possible, but this year came out of nowhere.”

Some students also seem to think that teachers grade harder and more cynically.

“LA and History are pretty subjective, so those teachers are usually the hardest graders,” said Owen Hushka, Sophomore.

Incoming Sophomore students came in to tenth grade fresh off of their 4.0 GPAs with too much confidence, and many enrolled into more advanced classes. 5 out 5 Sophomores surveyed admitted to taking too many advanced classes.

“I definitely took 1 or 2 too many IB classes this year,” tenth grader Andrew Hoage said with a laugh.

According to, IB classes are supposed to provide a more challenging and fast-paced course, not a heavier workload. But that’s not what some sophomores are experiencing.

“AP US History,” said Sophomore Arnav Jain, “at least an hour of homework every day.” Current Freshman, you have been warned.