Atkinson’s Preliminary Hearing Set To March 31st, Judge Considers Closing Courtroom to Public


Henry Larson

The front entrance to the 20th Judicial District Courthouse.

Henry Larson and Sophie Shors

At 1:30 on Monday, February 3rd, Aidan Atkinson appeared in court for his second status conference after his first was postponed by 30 days.

Atkinson’s lawyers asked Judge Ingrid Bakke to release portions of a previously unreleased affidavit which they thought would contain evidence helpful to the defense.

Boulder District Attorneys asked Judge Bakke to set a preliminary hearing date 60 days out. Bakke set the hearing date to March 31st. 

However, Defense counsel requested that the courtroom be closed during the hearing due to media concerns.

At the prosecution’s objection, Judge Bakke said she was inclined to agree with the Defense, in order to protect the communities of Fairview High School and the Boulder area. 

No ruling has been made on whether or not the courtroom will be closed for the hearing. If it is closed, no members of the public or press would be allowed to view the hearing.

Bakke said that the hearing would encapsulate six felonies, three of which were recently added to Atkinson’s list of charges by the District Attorney’s office. The DA has made no public comment about the nature of the charges.

At the conclusion of his appearance, Atkinson’s attorneys asked the court’s permission for Atkinson to leave the state with his father in order to attend an event for his brother. 

Prosecution attorneys objected, saying that one of Atkinson’s alleged victims raised concerns about the severity of the allegations and would present a risk if he travelled.

Bakke granted the request.

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