Colorado Finds Two Cases of Coronavirus, BVSD Officials Try to Prepare

The Denver Post first reported that Colorado has identified its first presumptive positive case of COVID-19. A visitor to Summit County was tested positive by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), and now testing moves to the CDC. An additional case also in Summit County has also been confirmed. The case is the newest in a host of COVID-19 cases now spreading across the US.

Last Wednesday, BVSD published a message stating that it would be “closely monitoring the global coronavirus outbreak,” saying that it would be working with local health officials to create a pandemic plan. 

On Friday, BVSD followed its earlier message with a similar post regarding the COVID-19 situation, saying that officials had developed a pandemic plan for the district.

“We’ll be wiping up desks, we’ll be wiping up water fountains, we’ll be wiping up everything,” said Principal Don Stensrud.

Teachers have been asked by the district to wipe down desks with spray bottles and paper towels every day, but these materials have yet to be provided to faculty. However, BVSD officials say otherwise.

“[We have] stocked up on enough cleaning supplies for all of our schools to be able to do extra cleaning, and to provide our teachers with wipes and hand sanitizer and all of those materials, so I’m not aware of any shortages in our schools of cleaning supplies,” said Carolyn Nohe, the Manager of Communications for BVSD.

Nohe, who has headed the messages shared by BVSD regarding the coronavirus outbreak, is confident in BVSD’s role in the situation.

“I think we’re doing the best we can, given the ever-changing nature of the situation. We’re meeting daily, if not more than daily, so we’re making sure we’re going through our decision process,” said Nohe.

So far, it is unclear what will happen in the district in the face of the new case in Colorado. 

“If kids from Fairview or other schools come down with coronavirus I’d say there’s a good chance of school getting canceled for a couple of weeks,” said Stensrud.

The BVSD “pandemic plan” published on Friday outlines these procedures, although the plan is not available to the public. 

BVSD will, no doubt, continue to inform students, parents, and faculty about the expanding situation. Nohe, Stensrud, and others both in BVSD and across the world are advocating for protective measures against the coronavirus. 

“We have kids who are very conscientious about their grades and we have teachers putting pressure on them. If you don’t feel well, stay home,” said Stensrud. “If someone’s sick, be sick—that means less exposure for other people.”

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article had an incorrect spelling of Carolyn Nohe’s name and title.

You can view comprehensive information about cases of COVID-19 at the CDPHE website or the John Hopkins CSSE.