Scientific Progress – Profiling Student Leader Mark Reamon


Max Eaton

Mark Reamon researching for Physics Club.

Max Eaton, Community Liason

Abundant academic clubs are candy for nerds. Amongst these clubs lies the Physics Club. STEM related clubs are very popular, allowing for many students to rise and take leadership positions in clubs of these subjects. Amongst these students is sophomore Mark Reamon. 

“Physics Club and Science Bowl are fairly interconnected. Almost all of the time, [the] leader for Science Bowl has to be a leading position in Physics Club,” said Reamon. “So Kevin Yang [the leader of Science Bowl] reached out to me, and since I had taken [an] interest in Physics Club last year, and I had done a lot of work on the major projects, he had offered me to co-lead Physics Club since he was planning to do a lot of work on Science Bowl.”

A lot of the club’s progress can be credited to Reamon.

“Part of the responsibilities is finding mentors for the research projects, so that would be like professors at CU, for example,” said Reamon. “The other responsibilities are basically notifying when we are meeting, what we are meeting about, and corresponding with faculty.”

The other members of the club appreciate his leadership.

“Mark is a great leader,” said a member of the Physics Club, sophomore Haiyan Wang. “He’s very mature and effectively communicates with everyone in the club.”

Mark worked on researching the theory of plasma wakefield acceleration to compete in the physics category of the recent science fair.