Hurricane Hill: Five Students’ Bluegrass Band

Anna Wenzel, Entertainment and Arts Section Editor

On a chilly Saturday evening with fires raging across the state, nothing could warm the heart more than some good music, which is why Hurricane Hill’s performance at Front Range Brewing Company was the best medicine to lift spirits. 

Hurricane Hill is a bluegrass band formed by five students at Fairview. Bella Sherry plays the five-string banjo and was the vocalist for most of the night, Justin Hein plays the mandolin, Kaden Du plays the bass, Benji Deinstfrey plays the guitar, and Kaidan Larson plays the fiddle. All five did a fantastic job fitting the mood throughout the night, playing soft songs to start the night easy and to wind it down to a close, while playing merry songs to bring up the mood of the crowd. 

Their setlist consisted of over twenty songs that were a good mix of upbeat and mellow tunes. Their music was not so overpowering that people couldn’t have a conversation at the brewery, but it was captivating enough to get listeners up and dancing. Not all of their setlist was even classic bluegrass, as some songs were jazz and some were original compositions.

A particularly enjoyable original was the one Deinstfrey wrote about his childhood journal entries. 

They were able to create amazing music amongst the five of them and their chemistry was palpable. Through darker melodies and upbeat jigs, the night felt fittingly fun. 

The band brought many Fairview students out to enjoy their music. One of the servers said that they sold out of their homemade root beer due to the volume of kids. 

A server named Ron at Front Range even said that “they do an awesome job. I can’t get over how together they are for a young band. I love the orchestral character about it.”

So, if you’re looking for a fun night during these dark days, go check out Hurricane Hill’s instagram @hhtheband and see where they’ll play next. You won’t regret it!