Spotify Wrapped


Julia Frank, Editor in Chief

This year’s Spotify Wrapped came out on December 1st, and while many people enjoyed seeing what they listened to this year, others felt completely misrepresented by Spotify.  Here are some opinions from Fairview students. 

Senior Katie Barry said, “I am happy to have made it in the top 0.5% for Harry Styles listeners.”

While Barry looked back on her time spent listening to Harry Styles this year, another student, sophomore Hannah Gilbert looked back on the time spent listening to music in quarantine. She talked about Spotify Wrapped saying, “It did not hesitate to bring up some quarantine memories.”

Another positive reaction was one from junior Ruby Smith. She kept it simple by describing her Spotify Wrapped as, “good.” Senior Quinn Hirschland agreed with Smith saying, “Pretty solid actually.” 

Although a lot of students liked and agreed with their music listening for the year, others were surprised by their listening trends, and some hated their Wrapped.

Senior Meghan Barnes said, “I’m surprised there was no Mamma Mia on it.”

While Barnes was just surprised by her Spotify Wrapped, Junior Georgia Stewart felt offended by the results of her Spotify Wrapped. She described it as, “totally inaccurate!” Sophomore Connor Sexton agreed with Stewart, simply calling the generator “Incorrect.” 

The last and final opinion on Spotify Wrapped this year came from the group of students who have Apple Music. When talking about the results of her Spotify Wrapped, Senior Lara Gottlieb made a joke saying, “I have Apple Music, so pretty terrible.”

Sophomore Anders Henrikson took the controversial stance of implying Apple Music was better than Spotify by saying, “Apple Music, greater than.” 

Overall, this year’s Spotify Wrapped created a lot of controversy, and put Spotify and Apple Music listeners into an even bigger rivalry than years past. But with the holidays coming up, most of us will only think about our music listening results for a few days, and then forget until next year.