Senior Assassin


Hannah Derounian, Staff Reporter


A new tradition has arrived at Fairview, bringing a sense of community and fun memories to the senior class of Fairview High School. The game, called ‘Senior Assassin’, was organized by Meera Khadakkar. “It’s basically a massive water gun fight between seniors who sign up. There’s a five dollar buy-in. You’re given a target, and once you ‘kill’ your target, you’re assigned a new target,” said Khadakkar.

With the five dollar buy-in, Khadakkar and around 160 participants raised an $830 prize for the winner of Senior Assassin. There are certain rules and items that make you immune to getting out, such as wearing swimming goggles and arm floaties. Many students take the game very seriously, and seniors can be spotted in and around Fairview and the larger community of Boulder wearing protective gear. 

“I’m in it to win it”, said Sophia Garrity Jacobs, a participant in the game. “I really want to, and I’m really competitive,” said Layla Wright, another participant. 

Boulder High’s own senior assassin game inspired Khadakkar to start arranging the game at Fairview. “I was seeing Boulder High’s senior assassin stuff go down, and I really wanted to get ours started, because last year they did one that was kind of rushed,” said Khadakkar. 

Putting the game together was no easy task.  “I did the rules sheet and the sign up form, [but] I didn’t really anticipate how long it would take to match everyone together. It is completely random, but sending out all the emails and stuff took about five and a half hours,” said Khadakkar. Delaney Sunderland also helped Meera organize the game. “I didn’t do nearly as much as Meera, but I just helped make posts when she needed it, helped clarify some rules, little things to help where I can, but she did most of it,” said Sunderland. 

So far, Senior Assassin has been a success story. “It’s really fun that everyone’s doing it together, and there’s people collaborating and it feels communal,” said Garrity Jacobs. 

“You can’t see as many divisions among friend groups because everyones talking about it, which is cool, and you learn alot about people you don’t really know just because you have to figure out how to kill them,” said Wright.

Overall, Senior Assassin is bringing the Senior class together, and it is a great way to increase connection between students participating. Good luck to all the participants!