Pinea Fabula

This short story is a student submission.


Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Claire Arveson, Online Royal Banner Editor in Chief

After the winds arose, and came roaring out of the south, many birds took flight. Around and around they flew, seeking safety from the coming snow. One such bird fell behind, and was sooner less seen than the sun on a winter day. It was the outcome of much struggle, of which was created by others of its likeness. It struggled to keep in line with the others, and soon watched its flock fly further and further out of sight. The winds were raging, getting colder and more harsh. The little bird began falling, and over time, fell all the way to the rocky earth. It tried to get back up, dust its wings off, but nature had other ideas. The bird fell into an abandoned rabbit hole, of which Winter soon covered, leaving the bird no choice but to curl up, and wrap itself around with warm feathers, staving off the cold. Winter blanketed everything, and soon buried the little bird until there was no chance of escape. With no food, the bird fell into a deep slumber, never to wake. Its wings had been wrapped so tightly, with just the tips poking out of the folds. As the sun warmed the earth, Winter crept back into its cave until next. The animals came back, and one such rabbit found a little wooden-like thing taken refuge in its home. The rabbit nudged it, but pulled back after the little thing poked the creature on the nose. Summer came, and the rabbit left for greener pastures, but not after rolling the mystery little thing out of the burrow. It soon grew to be a large tree, which was seemingly ordinary. But, after each Winter came Spring where the tree would produce interesting flowers. They were hard like the tree itself, and became poky as the year continued. High in the branches, birds pecked and pecked until they fell to the ground. These birds would not travel to the ground for fear of danger. Here the little wooden things lay, finally safe from the winged creatures. New animals began to show, and they were quick to name this little mystery wood. Its name? A pinecone.