Weather Forecasts for the Week of October 15th


Henry Larson, Co Editor-in-Chief

Chief Meteorologist Lenry Harson returns with this week’s weather forecasts for the 400, 200 and 100 hallways.

As a side note, it’s looking like a cold front is expected to move into the 800 hallway between 8:00 and 3:20 this Thursday.

Be sure to wear warm clothing when venturing into the 800 hallway. Temperatures are expected to be below -10°F.


400 HALLWAY                     High                Low

Monday 86°F 67°F
Tuesday 79°F 54°F
Wednesday 101°F 63°F
Thursday 71°F 59°F
Friday 98°F 60°F


200 HALLWAY      High                               Low

Monday       86°F(or 116° depending on what experiments the chem class is doing) 67°F
Tuesday       79°F 21°F
Wednesday        101°F 63°F
Thursday       71°F -28°F
Friday                 98°F -19°F. Wait, actually it’s now 119°F.On second thought, it’s now looking like a nice warm 11°F. Hold up! We just had a new development! The forecast h-


100 HALLWAY        High                                            Low

Monday Fahrenheit 451°F 67°F
Tuesday 79°F 54°F
Wednesday 65°F 9°F
Thursday 81°F 59°F
Friday 98°F I give up at this point. Sorry.