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Senior Portraits are due January 13, 2023, 11 pm

Go HERE to submit your portrait, but please make sure you’ve read the following directions first!


access code: FAIRVIEW

(all one word, all uppercase)

Please only submit ONE PHOTO.


After uploading ONE PHOTO, make sure to click the box that says “This is a portrait” and then fill out the student first and last name fields that appear.

Please make sure the image file is titled LAST NAME, FIRST NAME of the student pictured.

Here’s a screenshot of what it should look like before you click submit. Please double check, so that we can make sure to get your portrait included correctly in the book!


Portrait info:

  • You can submit a vertical or horizontal oriented portrait. Just know that we’ll have to crop a horizontal oriented portrait more than we would a vertical oriented one.
  • You’re welcome to submit a headshot, a full body photo, a portrait with your dog, whatever. As long as the submission is school appropriate, and a picture of the person named, we’ll print it.
  • Aspect ratio should be 3:2
  • 300 ppi minimum


PLEASE NOTE: We do not do any editing of your portraits other than basic cropping. Please make sure to do any editing you want before submitting. Please also let us know in the notes if you DON’T want us to crop.


Seniors: We’ll be in touch with you via your school email if there are any issues with your portrait! Make sure you’re checking that email.


Preferred Photographers for Senior Portraits (2022-2023)

Sassafras Photography

Teresa Fazio Photography Ltd

Kirsten Cohen Photography

Wendy B. Photography


ELD Photography

Senior Portrait Photographer (Kiefel Photography)


Baby Ads are due October 31, 2022, 11 pm

Go HERE to purchase a baby ad, but please make sure you’ve read the following directions and information first!


A few things to know:


The site will not work if you have an ad blocker. Disable your ad blocker before continuing. Then click “Get Started” under “Create a baby ad.”


Purchasing a baby ad does not mean you’ve purchased a book! Make sure you purchase a book as well (see the post titled “Order a Yearbook”).


For any purchasing issues contact our publisher, WALSWORTH:

[email protected] or 877-723-6344


A senior ad is a fun way for parents to celebrate their senior student’s graduation. Most parents submit a few baby photos and a short message to their senior. The yearbook staff will design the layout of your ad in keeping with the book’s design, but will not do any editing of your message or photos. Here is a sample page of senior ads with most size options represented (design will be different each year).



1/8 page: $50

1/4 page: $100

1/2 page: $200

1 page: $400


Upload any image(s) and text through the link above. The size of ad purchased will restrict the number of photos and amount of text published. If you have issues uploading your photos and text, clear your internet history and cookies, then refresh the page and try again.


  1. The “headline” is the title of your ad. We recommend just using your student’s first and last name as the headline, as that will make it easiest for you and your student to find your ad in the book. We will print exactly what you enter.
  2. The “body copy” is the message to your student. We will print exactly what you enter.


Page proofs will be available for you to look at and comment on before we send them to print. Look out for an email announcing that page proofs are available in the main office or digitally.


Pre-order a 2023 Yearbook!

Go HERE to pre-order a yearbook.


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