Motivational Mondays with Anya Week #9


Anya Aidun, Entertainment Section Editor

Welcome back to Motivational Mondays with Anya! This week I’ve got quite the treat for you. It’s been harder for me to keep a sense of blind optimism as I’ve gotten older, something that I used to have in abundance. Although this just happens with time, and we change and grow into new people, I’ve always wanted to keep that sense of childlike optimism. The kind of optimism that makes you laugh for no reason when even on your bad days you are happy when you just see the world as endless possibilities of what it could be instead of what it is now in front of you. We all know that young children understand life different than anyone else, so this week’s video centers around the insight of a six-year-old boy. Let me introduce “The Scared is Scared” a video about how the scared parts of us are scared of the good parts of us. Through this interview and a story about a bear and a mouse, this six-year-old boy restores a small piece of optimism and faith in humanity. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this wonderful video. As always, please feel free to leave a comment below if you enjoyed this video.