An Essay on Bathrooms and Disability Access


Kyla Bursiek and Sonny Cortez

The school bathrooms don’t have enough automatic door buttons and it makes me feel frustrated when people in our school do not have easy access to get in the bathrooms.  Sometimes it feels like the administration is ignoring the fact that people with disabilities need to go in bathrooms. When I found there was no bathroom buttons to help people have door access I was kind of surprised.


Not only is there an issue with access, the bathrooms need to be cleaner. We found that someone left an apple in the boys urinal. Ick! We also learned people are litter bugs in the bathroom. There’s not enough soap in the bathrooms either. Toilet paper supply is lacking. Everybody needs to be cleaner and should take more responsibility for a cleaner environment especially since it is a green school. Maybe because the janitors are busy during the day it might be hard for them keep the bathrooms clean.

Back to the door access button issue. The Intensive Learning Center (ILC) room should have a better locks on their bathroom door so people cannot invade people’s privacy. Also, the classroom needs a door access button too.


All students should have equal access to bathrooms, especially people who use wheelchairs or other means to help get around at school. It is not even people in wheelchairs, it’s people who just need extra help to have access.


Specific bathroom doors should have a card reader on or by the door so that students can so they open the door themselves.