Sports Run in the Family


John Nassif

Left to right: Jalen Page, Kailey Page, Grant Page. The Page family has a grand tradition of sports among all three of their Fairview students.

John Nassif

Jalen Page plays center for the boys basketball team. He averages 14.1 points per game and 1.7 steals per game. He received some early interest to play basketball at the University of Denver (D1 basketball) and The Air Force academy (D1 in basketball). He also has many college offers, but will be making a decision in the spring. Jalen Page finishes well around the rim.

Grant Page is only a sophomore at Fairview, but plays shooting guard on the varsity basketball team. He averages 6.9 points per game and was nominated for CHSAA MaxPreps all state honorable mention. Page also plays great defense and always knows his opponent’s next move. He always wants to drive to the rim and do a cool layup. Page also plays varsity football, and he has offers from CU (D1 in football) and Colorado State (D1 in football). But he’s versatile at basketball. Grant also had a career high of 22 points.

Kailey Page, a sophomore, is a star on the girls basketball team, and she gets about 6.3 points per game 4.8 rebounds. She is very good in blocks on the girls basketball team.

They are all brothers and sisters.

Page has views about her team dynamic. “Being a family, working like a team, so we can accomplish our goals about team dynamic\; and Jalen wants the team to accomplish the goals of hard work.”

Grant said to you that you have to have hardwork and defense.

That gives Jalen the motivation to always play basketball. Jalen also wants to play in college. Grant talked about how Jalen and Grant are brothers together and wanted to get the same opportunity to play basketball. Grant Page talked about how he might never play with his brother again.

“We have arguments here and there,” Jalen said. “Practicing we get a little intense sometimes. But we are competitive.”

Grant Page said “ball out” on the team\; Jalen stated to focus up.

Jalen said, “Have fun and play together.”

Grant Page agreed with Jalen Page and said the hardest thing about staying productive is staying in shape.

Kailey spoke about how their team really likes each other\; they’re mostly friends and have known each other for a long time. They do blend together and that made them get a five game winning streak.

Kailey said that her motivation to play basketball was that she played the sport her entire life. She wants to be the best because her family and friends motivate her to play basketball, though Kailey just loves to play sports.

Kailey has some wisdom for future players going into basketball, “work hard have confidence in yourself\; work together rather than separate\; work on managing yourself also.”

Kailey said the hardest part about basketball is being able to go for all four quarters without stopping. Practices are pretty challenging, and staying in shape and not getting in trouble.

Kailey said she “is proud about how they organize her as a keyplayer.”

Kailey is grateful to have everyone by her side, which helps her believe in herself.

She said, “you don’t really feel the atmosphere when you’re in the game. It’s all about the game. It’s just you and the court and the teammates. You don’t notice what you did wrong, what you did right. You just play.”