Aspen Anderson – “We Support Each Other”


Scott Ellenberger

Anderson playing soccer

John Nassif

Aspen Anderson, a forward on the girls soccer team, is committed to Dartmouth college. She is a dominant striker, having scored 21 goals in all of her seasons.
Anderson’s team is very important to her.
“The team dynamic is pretty strong,” she said.
Anderson said she gets along with her players in a friendly way: “everybody supports everybody in a way.”
She also said they look out for each other.
Anderson’s love for the game of soccer gives her motivation to keep playing.
Anderson uses soccer to get a break from school and just hang out with her friends. Anderson said that there are sometimes arguments on the field, but that doesn’t change the way they look at each other. There is more of just bickering here and there.
Anderson had some key quotes and advice to give to future players.
“No matter what, keep going till the end. It’s worth it,” she said.
Anderson said the games on the soccer field are very competitive and very fun. She said the hardest part about soccer is, “making sure you’re mentally there […] your mind kind of drifts away and that can affect you during the game.”
Anderson started low on the spectrum and climbed up, building herself to a place that she thought she would never reach and learning to have respect for herself.
She said, “you always wanna be better than your opponent and close to their standards in a way.”
Anderson chose Dartmouth “because of the coach, and the school is outstanding: way more family like and supporting, rather than individual.”
Anderson said keep trying and give your best effort.