Every Problem has a Solution – A Spotlight On Football

Captains of the football team holding hands to demonstrate strong team spirit.

Digital Sports Editor John Nassif profiled some of our school’s top football players:

Aidan Atkinson, the quarterback for our team, has committed to a Division 1 school, Northwestern. Atkinson is 6 feet and 3 inches tall. He has thrown more than 3,952 passing yards and his passing touchdowns are 55. Atkinson is 62.5 percent passing in the comp. His passing yards game is 334.4 passing yards per game. In his career and is expected to continue average high numbers. Atkinson is 2nd in the state. Also, Atkinson has broken 11 records in football with 68 7yards and nine touchdown passes over the win at Legacy.
Atkinson is a pro-style quarterback, which means he knows playbooks and reads the defensive mind. He has won Gatorade player of the year for 2018, CHSAA MaxPreps All-State First (2018-2019), and Player of the Week (CHSAA,2018-2019, CHSAA). Atkinson is rated number 3 in Colorado.
“Every problem, there is a solution,” Atkinson said. “Every single defense, coverage, blitz stunt line, there is always a solution.”
One of the key players Atkinson listed is Henry Blackburn, who is one of the captains. Landon Colvin is another one of the captains. Colt Johnson is at left tackle, and Brad Bolles and Ethan Massimino are two guards. Kayak Wildcat is at right tackle, and Ashton Black is an offensive and defensive tackle type of guy.
“Ashton works his butt off every day,” Atkinson said. “Adam Moser is going to be a really good player for us this year. He is a returning starter safety this year and will also get time at slot receiver.”
Jalen Page and Grant Page are brothers and they are really great receivers. Atkinson also said that they have a really good Junior squad this year. The goal for the team this year is to win a championship.
Atkinson likes being in control of what’s going on, problem-solving every single play and having the weight on his shoulders to be able to do it. He said football is unique because the grind never stops.
“You can have great star players in certain sports, you can have a great team, but football is not like that,” Atkinson said. “Football is going to translate to the rest of your life to keep those qualities forever.”
Regardless of how many touchdowns and yards Atkinson throws, he wants to win a state championship.
Atkinson explained that you have to be in control of your team to be successful. The weight of how well the team is and how productive the offense is. How many points you put on the board is determined by the QB.
“There is nothing like putting on a jersey to represent your school,” said Atkinson. ”Playing the best when you’re the best and whooping ass is fun.”
Atkinson said he is going to miss it all when he goes to college.

Senior Henry Blackburn is a Safety/Receiver and has committed to the University of Pennsylvania. He is 6‘1 and has all state 97 tackles and leads the team.{Defensive MVP} In Colorado he was ranked 14th and he was all-conference and a State Safety leader in tackles. He was 7th all-time in the state. He also accomplished 2nd in state for touchdowns as a wide receiver. Blackburn accomplished overall 5A points per game Blackburn was voted for MVP all-state honors.
Blackburn said, “a focus on our team is that everyone has a role. They value their quarterback to lineman. Everybody makes an impact and this is why our team is so good.”
Blackburn said he can do whats best for the team from catching footballs to playing Kicker. And he has some goals. He wants to be the best leader he can be.
“Whenever a problem comes up in the team we talk about it as men, face to face, men to men, and just solve it,” Blackburn said. “Every brotherhood and all siblings fight, so each time will we circle up, face diversity and just keep moving forward.”
Blackburn advises future football players to be committed to Coach Mac because Coach Mac knows what he is talking about after coaching here for 27 years.
“We’ve had a lot of success passing the ball,” Blackburn said. “Hopefully our defense will take it further then our offense has been in the past.”
Blackburn explained that he doesn’t notice the fans when he plays. He doesn’t notice anything but the game.
“I love playing sports so much,” he said.
He said that when you get to the sideline you start noticing the atmosphere\; it’s one of the coolest things to be able to be part of.
Blackburn said, “GO KNIGHTS.”

Jack Kelley, receiver, tight end, long snapper, senior, 6 foot 2 inches.
“We got key players in strength in every position,” Kelley said. “Stick with it, listen to the coaches, and see what’s ahead of you. Know what they’re doing and love what you do. You can’t be out there if you don’t love what you do.”
Kelley says it’s crazy on the field.
“Everything kind of goes quiet. You’re in your own head, and when the play stops everything gets loud,” he said.
Kelley said his motivation is Coach Mac.
“He’s been coaching for 27 years and puts his time into his team more than anybody else,” said Kelly. “It’s a huge motivation to ball out for somebody that cares so much.”
“It’s going to be a good season,” said Kelly. “We got playmakers on both sides of the ball and a lot in the trenches.”