3 Cases of COVID-19 In District Will Mean a School Closure, CHSAA Cancels Spring Sports


Henry Larson

A poster showing the range of places students can find extraneous germs. It’s posted outside the men’s bathroom in the 600 hall.

Henry Larson, Co Editor-in-Chief

On the afternoon of March 12th, CHSAA announced they would be suspending all spring sports until April 6th.

The move comes after organizers meet this morning to discuss plans of action for state athlete departments, and after they limited public entry to the state basketball finals.

“On Wednesday morning, I convened a digital conference with more than 50 administrators representing diverse levels of educational leadership to collaboratively create a plan. That group arrived at a consensus to support the decision made by the CHSAA office,” said Commissioner Rhonda Blanford-Green in a statement released this afternoon.

“Basketball, right now, is still going, because of the safety protocols they had around the tournament,” said Athletic Director Allen Howlett.

“Practices and competitions throughout the state of Colorado for CHSAA sports will stop, as of tomorrow morning,” he contiuned.

Players are undoubtedly concerned, and Howlett recommends that they should, “touch base with their coaches, hopefully in person today[…]my suggestion is that we give kids their workouts[…]so that they can do that stuff on their own.”

“Stay in shape or try and progress between now and the 6th,” he said.

Fairview faculty held a meeting the morning of the 12th, to discuss an updated community response to COVID-19.

Teachers and staff were informed that, if three cases of the novel coronavirus are found within the district, schools will close down for a 14 day quarantine.

BVSD has not made any public statement about coronavirus today, but they are expected to by administrators later in the afternoon.

Fairview’s theater department is allowing those who purchased tickets  for Saturday and Friday shows to come see their production of “Clue” tonight.

Producers of the show worry that after school events and large gatherings will be canceled after CHSAA’s announcement.


For the latest information about COVID-19, visit the CDPHE’s website.