Community Despite Crisis: Student Council’s Work to Protect Community Spirit During the Pandemic


Screenshot showing Helena Harezlak on StuCo’s Instagram page.

Lily Nobel, Politics & World Affairs Section Editor

Student Council continues to work to bring Fairview fun and meaningful events to build community despite the continued challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a recent interview with student body vice-president Helena Harezlak, she detailed present difficulties as well as future plans and hopes for events in the 2020-2021 school year. 

“It’s definitely been difficult trying to please everyone, the students and administration and parents,” Harezlak said. “We all wanna get back to the fun activities student council normally plans (…) but it’s been difficult due to restrictions from our administration as well as Boulder County.”

The balancing act between following restrictions put in place to protect public health and while also supporting student enthusiasm and involvement within the school has been a difficult one, but the council is navigating it by looking to students.

“We’ve reached out to seniors to see if they’ve had any suggestions for fun activities we could do, as well as the other grades, mostly through the StuCo Instagrams that we have. (…) We also always put something into the weekly letter Ms. Dupee sends out, asking for feedback or any suggestions. A lot of the time we go back to Mr. Stensrud, who goes back to the district, and most of them aren’t things we can’t do right now. But we have those in mind for another time, when we’re able to congregate with more people,” said Harezlak.

Despite the roadblocks, events such as the recent Chalk Art Festival continue to happen at Fairview, and Harezlak encourages participation, saying:

“We’d definitely like to see more participation, and want to encourage the student body to show up to the events we can plan, which are limited right now. Any event they can come to is great.”

As for the future, Harezlak’s outlook is bright and Student Council has plans for several upcoming charitable events and drives, including the ongoing Pack the Truck event, where food is collected and distributed to local food banks; the upcoming charitable Dear Santa event, where students are invited to take a wishlist letter from a kid in need and shop for their gifts, and the annual Trick-or-Treat Street for small children in Boulder, which has been adapted to be an outdoor, socially distanced, and safe experience. 

Excitingly, the annual Senior Sunrise event (which usually takes place nearer to the beginning of the year) has also been confirmed and is scheduled for seven AM on the 30th of October. 

On the topic of dances, one of the seemingly omnipresent landmarks of the highschool experience, Harezlak is also optimistic:

“We are definitely planning to have a dance as soon as we can. We have people working on different themes and fun activities, it’s just we have to get those approved by the district and our administration. We can’t say exactly when that will be, yet, but we definitely have plans and hopes to get that done.”

To learn more about upcoming and ongoing events run by the FHS student council, keep an eye on the weekly letters from the administration, as well as their Instagram page at @fairview.2021.