Landscape Arch Trail in Arches National Park


John Kowalski

Landscape Arch during winter.

John Kowalski, Royal Banner Editor-In-Chief

The Landscape Arch trail is located in Arches National Park, at the end of the scenic drive. Landscape Arch itself is the largest (known) arch in the entire world, and is truly a spectacular sight to behold. 

The path departs from the parking lot and immediately enters sandstone fins. These fins tower over the trail, and act as a gateway into the beautiful landscape that is the Devil’s Garden.

Once you exit the first set of fins, the trail parallels a steep wall of red sandstone. These sandstone walls are quite impressive, and make the hike to the arch beautiful. 

The path continues to meander in and out of giant sandstone walls, with tall spires occasionally appearing alongside the trail. 

After about 0.7 miles, you get your first glimpse of the massive scale of the Landscape Arch. The span of the arch is 306 feet long, creating a truly impressive site. As the trail continues forward, the arch starts coming into full view, revealing its true size. 

Standing at the viewpoint, the miracle of nature that is the span becomes immediately apparent. The thin spine of rock that traverses the 306 feet is constantly changing over time, becoming smaller and skinnier as erosion inevitably breaks it down. In fact, the original trail to the arch went all the way underneath it, until the fear of it’s inevitable collapse caused the trail to be rerouted to a safer vantage point. Either way, the formation is an amazing site to see. 

Once at the arch, the trail continues onwards to multiple different arches and spires located within Devils Garden. However, the trail to Landscape Arch is spectacular as it is, and makes for a short but beautiful hike through Arches National Park. 

Final Thoughts:

The Landscape Arch Trail through Devils Garden is quite amazing, as you travel in between large, sandstone fins. The short, easy access to the largest (known) arch in the entire world makes the hike an absolute must if in the Moab area.