Tavi Model Interview


Tavi Model.

Dylan Zellers, Staff Reporter

Tavi Model is a 17 year old senior at Fairview High School. He is interested in attending college at Loyola New Orleans for their music program. He has lived in Boulder his whole life with his younger sister, Mulu, who is from Ethiopia. His father is from Ireland and his mother is from New York. Along with creating music, Tavi has been editing and making videos for over 9 years and originally planned on going to film school. He has a strong passion for music and has been writing raps for years. On December 21, 2019, he uploaded his first track, called “probably” to Soundcloud “mostly as a joke”, according to him. From there he was given a lot of support and continued releasing songs. The Royal Banner interviewed him to learn more about his process of making music and his inspiration for his lyrics. 


How old were you when you began making your own music? 

I’ve always written raps and music for fun, the earliest “song” I ever recorded was in fourth grade. I started taking it seriously and publishing it in November-December of 2020

What originally inspired you to start making your own music? 

I was raised on the Beatles, but I eventually discovered Hip Hop on my own and fell in love with it. Funny enough, the only reason I started listening in the first place was because my parents told me I wasn’t allowed to in 2nd grade. Then I found Eminem on Pandora and it took off. That combined with the fact that I’ve always had a gift for words and poetry lead me to making my own stuff. Once I realized that I could make an impact through my art I fell in love with making it as well. 

Who has supported you the most about making your own music? 

Believe it or not, my dad, despite the fact that he listens to Jazz and Classical Music, and hated rap before I came along. Now he just hates most rap! But he told me that I got my gift for words from his mother, who I never got to actually meet, and he really believes in me which has been amazing. Aside from that, a few of my close friends, Flynn Harris, Josh Rouland, Alec Dugan and Mason Sunderland have been my biggest supporters since the beginning. 

Does anyone help you produce your music or do you do everything alone? 

I write or freestyle everything. I also dabble in producing, but most of the songs I’ve published so far have been produced by people I’ve found online since I’m not quite good enough for my liking yet. My friend Gavin Leach has produced a couple of my songs and were working on some more new stuff!

How do you come up with your lyrics? 

Sometimes lyrics just come to me, but my best music has inspiration. Looking back so far some of my favorite songs were dedicated to my friend who took his life, and two of my favorite things, girls and weed. (probably will be taking that part out) Words are like an equation in my head, and I gotta put together the right ones to get the “perfect answer”

What emotions were you feeling when you released your first song? 

I was a little reluctant because I knew that people weren’t gonna take it seriously. To be fair neither did I, but I kinda stopped caring about what people think in general so I just went for it. Turns out it was the right decision. I expected people to give me shit because I’m just a white kid from a good area, but there was a surprising amount of praise along with the jokes, which inspired me to keep going. 


If you could work with one artist who would it be and why?

J.I.D or Cordae, but I already rapped with Cordae (https://youtu.be/WjbWXgJGflA ) so I’m gonna have to go with J.I.D


What hopes do you have for your future revolving music? 

To offer guidance to anyone lost in the madness of our generation. I slowly realized that no matter where you come from, without somewhere to look and relate to, it is easy to feel hopeless. I want to help anyone and everyone dodge the traps.