Welcome, Mr. Gillach. An Interview with the Interim Principal


Isabella Fisher

Terry Gillach.

Lily Nobel, Royal Banner Print Co-Editor-in-Chief

As announced to students via email August 10th, 2021, Mr. Terry Gillach is taking the role of interim principal, acting in Don Stensrud’s place while the former principal is on paid administrative leave as the school undergoes a Title IX investigation. 


With a decade of experience at Fairview’s neighboring middle school, Southern Hills, as well as years at Boulder High School and Centaurus with a specialty in what he calls “transition years,” Gillach has high hopes for this school year. 


“No matter who was here, Mr. Stensrud or anybody, this would be a transition year because he was going to retire at the end of this year,” said Gillach during an August 21st interview. “You want to make sure the next person to be here at the end of the year is successful.”


Though Gillach is only acting as an interim, he intends to have a positive impact while here. With assemblies for all four grade levels running all day on August 21st, Gillach made a statement on improving the culture of the school. 


“When I’ve done these jobs before, the people I’ve followed, they all have had their own style, I have my own style… [the students] might feel it’s a little bit tighter, a tighter ship, but I don’t know if that’s true or not. Working with the students we might be able to change some of that culture. Fairview hasn’t gotten good press for a while,” said Gillach. 


Gillach cites his central goal as improving upon Fairview’s general culture– the culture of the building, of how students treat each other and move through space. “It’s back to how we treat each other and the expectation is that we will all improve on that– because we can all, myself included, can improve on that,” he said. 


With regard to the Title IX lawsuit and allegations against Fairview, the primary administration of the school are largely removed from the legal proceedings.


“Literally, I am here to help run the building. The legal part of it is not in our realm,” Gillach said. 


Similarly, questions about COVID-19 procedures and policies at Fairview also remain better answered by the district, according to Gillach: “We just do what we are told via the Boulder School District, who are doing what they’re told by Boulder County Public Health. We are not privy to any of those kinds of […] discussions or anything like that. It’s a real challenge, but it keeps us here in school.”


While questions relating to mask and vaccine mandates in the future remain unanswered for now, details and regular updates about safety precautions are available on the district website.


Concluding the interview, Gillach expressed enthusiasm to be here at Fairview, however long he may be assigned interim. 


“First of all, [I am] thrilled to be here. Thrilled to be here,” Gillach said. “Walking around the building, I see so many great things. The teaching is phenomenal, and I get a good feeling, for the most part, going around the school. I’m getting my sea legs about being a principal again. I don’t know how long I’ll be here, but I’m going to run it like I have to run it while I’m here. I’m just super excited about it. Really great people all over the place.”


To request socio-emotional support from counselors relating to academic, personal, or transition related stress, the school’s “Need Form” is available here.