Rebecca Kaplan working at the reception desk, right after checking out a book to a student.
Rebecca Kaplan working at the reception desk, right after checking out a book to a student.
Jack Dunderdale

The New Librarian

This year, Fairview found an open slot in its most valuable space: the library. Finding someone to fill the void took a couple of weeks, but when Rebecca Kaplan arrived at Fairview, she was more than ready for the task.

Many students use the library to study, and don’t interact with the librarian much. Many of those students feel indifferent to the change. 

“I’m in the library almost every day, but I don’t talk to the librarian,” said Kieran Parnell (12).

 Of the people who study in the library, some might have not even noticed the change.

“I didn’t realize that the old librarian left,” said Gus Ferguson (11).

Though many students haven’t gotten the chance to meet the librarian, many still are okay with the change.

“The library hasn’t burned down, so I’d say [she’s a good replacement],” said Monday Ortiz (12).

Before coming to Fairview, Kaplan worked as a librarian in Summit County for 5 years. As an avid reader, Kaplan said “[I am a] huge sci-fi/fantasy nerd…[and] really, really into reading and writing fiction,”

Her love for being a librarian doesn’t stop at reading and writing, nothing could disturb her love for the occupation.

“I love being a librarian because I’m a learning scientist. I’m someone who studies how people learn in context. My favorite setting for learning of all places is the library because I feel like [it] can be somewhere where you help teachers and support them in getting to do all the things that they’re most excited to do, and then helping them research and learn new things about teaching.” she said.

In her short time so far, Rebecca has already started work on improving the library. She has started work on fixing book barcodes, updating the slideshow on the library TV, organizing sections of the library, and generally keeping the library in order. 

But most importantly, she is already meeting Fairview’s large variety of staff and students and helping them in any way she can. 

“[I] can help students and all the things that they’re excited about from anywhere from dungeons and dragons to book clubs, to research. So I love being helpful,”  Kaplan said. “I can’t wait to see what this space can become.”

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